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Cadence Chung and Nadya Macey have been selected as finalists for the 2020 Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award for their stories The End of the World and Matahiwi respectively.

Cadence Chung has also won first and third prize in the Year 12 section of  the Poetry New Zealand Student Poetry Competition for her poem, ‘Hey Girls’.


Four poems from WHS ākonga have been accepted for the NZ Poetry Society Anthology:

  • Nadya Macey, ‘Gisborne Airport Fence’

  • Michael Canovas, ’I never seem to reach it’

  • Lucy Brennan, ‘Lucy’

  • Maggie C. Thoms, ‘Pinecone hunting’

Congratulations to these students, and to the five students  whose work is published in this edition !!!!!

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