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In 2017 we ran a limerick competition. Here are some limericks that teachers wrote. 

By popular demand, the winning limerick was... #2 'A cube with a view'. Congratulations Anita Kirby!


Tony Cairns is a man with much passion,

about Science and students and Fashion

on a day to dress up

He will say "I'm in! Yup!"

and the glitter he surely won't ration


My favourite cube with a view

Is ideal for a quick number two

For a minute of space

With no kids in my face

It's my throne, my staffroom loo.

There once was a teacher in D block,

who liked to look after her flock,

on a Wednesday afternoon, 

they finished their work too soon, 

which gave her the biggest of shocks

So Tom runs a class in philosophy

With kids who must question their "what are we?"

But for me, its too much

For he speaks double-dutch

- makes me feel like I need a lobotomy

Henry Hollis makes claims that are wild

Such as suggesting he might eat a child

thought they're surely in jest,

kids still are impressed

His words keep all his students beguiled

There's a new Boss at Wellington High

An Aussie bloke, a fair dinkum guy

A real Maths whizz

At Stats meetings he'll fizz

Though he can confuse with a humour that's wry.

Many new students at Welly High true

Are still on their own and feeling blue

They look to the whanau in WERO

To support them but alas I fear oh

That sadly for some there are only too few

There once was a teacher called Michael

Who wanted entries for a limerick competition

But I didn't have time

To make this limerick rhyme

So I guess I'll just have to get on my bicycle

The class who is called Howell 2

Has geniuses more than a few

They like to play cards

They like to play hard

And they excel at team sports too

(teacher w/ class)








There was a young teacher named Macdougall

who was distraught when they decommissioned Moodle
His behaviour became weird
Friends and family were scared

The last straw was eating the family poodle


A puppy moved in to High
No kids any more had to cry
Cos when they were sad

It's face made them glad
And lifted their hearts to the sky


Mike and Tom teach philosophy classes

'bout​ old white men ​ with ​big beards and glasses

​They give quotes out like spam -​

​ “I think therefore I am…!”

‘Cause kids don’t know Descartes from their arses



A weary but classy locale

Binary and non princy pals

Not in Phuket or Peru

But our own Pukeahu

You will find most exquisite morale

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