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Wellington High is home to many great writers. 


They are a secret society of scribes whose work goes largely unseen - except for those times when teachers are obliged to squeeze many-shaped prose into 4 crude boxes.


This website provides a forum for students to publish their work so that these writings can be read and enjoyed by a wider audience.


Each term we will publish one piece of high quality writing at each year level. The authors will be rewarded with book vouchers, as a thank-you for bringing new ideas into the light and dark of this world.


Poetry, prose, or prose-poetry... we don't mind, but don't forget: 'Brevity is the soul of wit' - in other words, short is good.

(no offence to tall people - some of our best friends are tall. Have you considered basketball?)

Teachers will be on the lookout for good writing, but you can also submit pieces for consideration below (W.H.S email addresses only thanks)...Give it a shot!

Where did ya get your name?

When this website began, in April 2016, we ran a naming competition. 


We asked for suggestions, and then put our favourite five to the vote. 'Freshavocado' was the popular choice - probably thanks to the youtube meme you can watch below! Thanks to Patrick Lazarides in Year 9 (2016) for this suggestion.


There are two ways of pronouncing the name:


Fresh avocado,  or

Free sha-vocado


It's up to you :)


Submission guidelines

* Poetry is the easiest to publish on a website like this.


* If you do submit prose (e.g. a short story) try to keep it really short.​


* We will endeavour to keep your original formatting. If you are really keen to keep your formatting, use the 'freshavocado' email address, or share with your English teacher, rather than the box below.



Use the form below, hand directly to an English teacher, or email:


freshavocado at
whs dot

school dot nz


(written like this to evade nasty internet robots!)



Name *

Email *


Success! Message received.

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