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'A gift in time' - Hana Kilford (Year 10)

Richard woke up at 6 am every morning. Then he made a peanut butter sandwich. He cut the sandwich diagonally down the middle to make two triangles (sometimes he needed a protractor and ruler for that step) to put in his lunch box with a bag of pretzels. He had a ¾ cup of cornflakes with ½ a cup of milk for breakfast. Then he packed his bag. First he put in his lunch. Then his pencil case. Then his drink bottle. Sometimes his mum offered to help but Richard always said no, he knew she’d just mess everything up. Then at 7:30 he walked to the bus stop for the 8 am bus.

Most days Richard came home and started his afternoon routine. But today Richard’s mum noticed Richard looked distraught.

“What’s wrong Richard?”

“we went on a trip to the museum today,” he replied. “You didn’t tell me”

“Richard I’m sorry I completely forgot.”

“I wore my sneakers not my going out shoes.”

“Richard, I’m sorry.”

“Everything was wrong,” said Richard his voice rising to a shout. Richard ran up to his room and slammed the door then he opened and slammed it again because two is a even number.

Richard’s mum came up to his room, a carefully wrapped parcel in her hands. She softly knocked on the door before turning the handle and entering the neatly arranged light blue room. She sat next to him and silently passed him the package. Richard took the package and peeled off the tape. He unfolded the paper. Inside there was a calendar. Richard opened the calendar and inside there was blue writing everywhere. “Thanks mum”.

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