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A website with a terrible name:

A stale dead meme used without shame

I could've won

With my brilliant pun

But I lost and it drove me insane

                                 -  Bodhi Brooke-White

(who confessed to bitterness due to his excellent suggestion

for this website's name being narrowly defeated...)

At school there isn't a day

Where I don't seem to lose my way

I go on the wrong floor

Or through the wrong door

And I'm too stubborn to ask anyway

                - Felix Quade

Congratulations Felix: you have won a $20 Whitcoulls

voucher, and a complementary map of the school!

There once was a teacher at High

Who had a tear brought to his eye

It became quite scary

When given a query

A student answered "Die, Die, Die..."

                - Orlando Cristobal-Mandel

editor: a simple misunderstanding, apparently. The 

query in question was 'name your favourite local band'.

We learn at Wellington High

The interests of both you and I

Like the ones and the zeroes

The working class heroes

But you only succeed if you try

                Roman Barlow

editor: no, we didn't pay him to say that. Not unless you 

count the $20 book voucher prize...

There once was a boy who was witty

His tests were seen by a committee

They argued and rejoiced

They made the right choice

A high school in Wellington City



- Anthony Cater


The witty committee? Why, that could only be the 

judging panel of 'Freshavocado' (TM)!





My favourite cube with a view

Is ideal for a quick number two

For a minute of space

With no kids in my face

It's my throne, my staffroom loo.


- Anita Kirby (Maths).


By popular demand (students voting)

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