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'The door' - Jenna Siladi (year 10)

I reached out to grab the rusty door handle, my hands shaking as I did. I turned the handle and pushed the door open. The door creaked. I tentatively entered and took one step inside. A force pushed me forward and I staggered, attempting to stay standing. My attempts failed as I fell to the floor. The door suddenly slammed shut. Whatever I fell in was sticky, and I must have ingested some as I could taste something metallic in my mouth. I screamed and it echoed throughout the passageway. I was covered in blood, I could feel it dripping down my chin.

I struggled to stand back up but kept slipping in my terrorized attempts. I frantically crawled away and felt a sharp pain in my hand. I successfully got away, but I was too afraid to move, it was like there was a presence around me. A dull yellow light flickered on and my eyes darted to where the door was. It wasn’t there. The once blue door was replaced with a cobbled wall, but I could vaguely make out the pool of blood. The pain in my hand built up again, I couldn’t feel it in the adrenalin of my terror. There was a glass shard sticking out of my hand and I immediately turned to the side and threw up. I could feel the fear bubbling in my chest. Next to the pool of blood there was a broken bottle, and I began to question what had happened here. I had to clear my thoughts before I decided what to do next. The glass. I had to remove it. I didn’t think it was that deep. I ripped off part of my t-shirt and winced as I grasped the glass. One, two, three, pull. I screamed a silent scream and instantly wrapped my hand with my shirt. I got up and tiptoed forward, not wanting to make any noise. The light flickered as I made my way to the door at the end of the hallway. The walls were decorated with old wall paper that was peeling off. As I reached the end of the hallway, I didn’t need to open the door. It swung open and I fell backwards as a young man crawled out, his face mangled and torn.

The terror in his eyes was impossible to miss. He stared at me and then screamed one word as he started being dragged back into the doorway, “Run.”

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