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'Nothing' - Emily Rosemergy (Year 9)

Nothing, such an empty world.

Deprived of even air.

No sound or substance to fill the space,

Grey spread throughout the hair.

Nothing, such an ugly word,

Deprived of pretty things.

No ribbons or curls to give it purpose.

Only black studded wings.

Nothing, such a tearful word.

Deprived of love and warmth.

No silver knights to guard the castle,

Rocking back and forth.

Nothing, such a diabolical word

Deprived of eyes to see reason.

No money to support it's battle,

Moods changing with the seasons.

Nothing, such a hurtful word.

Deprived of simple things.

No bandages to heal the wounds,

Evil bursting from the seams.

Nothing, the most meaningful word,

In the English dictionary.

Because nothing is nothing,

but nothing is something and something is always everything.

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