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'Prison' - Elsie McAlpine (Year 9)

She used to have freedom

She was free

Of all the things that poison her brain

But she is older

She has responsibilities

And she is no longer free of poison and traps

Her life is now a living hell

She will never be safe

She has been taken, trapped in her own head

She is kept a prisoner

“it will be your safe place” they tell her

“You will not be of harm here” they tell her

“We can keep you sane” they tell her

“Bad people are coming” they always say

She is oblivious as to why they chose her

This has been her life for the past 10 months

And she has learned her new life

She never questions why, who or how

Because she is afraid

Afraid prison is what she must call home now

All she knows is how to deal with it

Deal with the pain

Deal with her insaness

Deal with how to live

But she does’nt know they are already there

That prison is not “her safe place”

That the bad people are abusing her trust

That the only reason she is not dead is because they will die with her

She is lied to

uncontrollably abused

turned into her worst nightmare

She is the bad people

She is the reason she is there

And no one can help her

Only herself

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