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'Winter's Kiss' - Henry Williams (Year 11)

Can you feel it? The cool, crisp, bite of

A cold winter's morning

Sun creeping its way

Up behind the desolate apartments

Rows and rows

All empty

Their residents long since grew

Tired of the incessant ramblings of

The homeless outside

There she sits

Perched precariously

On the edge of the

Rickety park bench

Book in hand

The luscious green grass at her feet

Coated with a soft layer of frost

The same frost that left a damp ring at the edges of her boots

She dries them on your doormat

As she walks in

A small brown line frames her

Pink lips, the sweet coffee you

Made for her to bring up the mood

On this cold winter's morning

She paces your apartment

Seeing many implements of your desire

A guitar, a quill, a notebook and a briefcase and

that's when she kissed you

A night of passion

Followed by a morning of romance

She wants to take you to her favourite place to sit

The evening fades in

The sun setting gently behind

the desolate apartments

A memory snaps into place as

She tells you of her favourite place

You've been there before

She tells you to

Lead the way

She takes your hand and

Follows you down an alley

A familiar trek

Gaunt faces hiding behind liquor bottles

Peer up at you from corners and

From behind bins

The shadows grow longer and longer

As you walk

Stretching their faces further and

Further into the ground

You feel her hand shiver in yours

So you lean down to shed your jacket

This was the mistake

A shadowy figure creeps

At the edge of your vision

You never notice him

But he notices her blood

So much blood

It pools and streams

Running from her perfect face

Into every imperfection of

The ground

She chokes

Leaning in for One last Kiss

A struggling artist

A loner

A loser

Never one to get

Attached to anything

No one knows why he did it

Delusional sob

Stopped the tears with a guitar string looped around a rafter kicked the stool

For what?

For one last Kiss

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