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'Where does water begin?' - Sierra Williamson (Year 11)

Where Does Water Begin?

Water begins in the -

But where does water begin?

Is it in the clouds

Which, looking down

Seem to frown

Upon the Earth

As they prepare to bring the storm

Or is it in the rain

Which beats against your windowpane

It’s final destination

After hurtling itself

From the heavens

Or is it in the rivers and creeks

The currents and streams

Which spring up after the storm

But soon disappear

With only mud to mark

Where they once stood

Or is it in the vast sea

Which fills the horizon

Sometimes gentle like a swan

Sometime roaring like a lion

Both connecting and separating everything

At once

Maybe water doesn’t begin

Or start anywhere

But simply flows from place to place

From space to space

As it chooses

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