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'Out of Place' - Henry Williams (Year 12)

I bet a felt tip pen feels different in a pencil case of black biros

I bet a peacock seems strange in a flock of pigeons

I bet a monarch butterfly won’t fit in with a swarm of locusts

I bet a noble stallion can’t get along with a herd of sheep

I bet you feel out of place in the assembly hall

Surely a glittering diamond ring feels trapped in its smooth satin box

Surely a valiant lion is hemmed in by its cold steel cage

Surely a “happy birthday” balloon is shackled by its string

Surely an old guitar feels stuck in the attic it was left in

Surely you feel the chains of expectation every day as you walk out the door

I know oil and water will never mix

And there are some things sticky tape can’t fix

But how could you think of leaving us when,

You are my felt tip pen?

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