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'The Beginning of the End' - Alice Markwell (Year 10)

One can gather an image of a person

Become acquainted with their way of life

With naught but a fleeting look

Into the silence, into the still

Into the serenity of their unconsciousness

The room awash with a lilac glow

The air thick and musty,

like the dawn of a foggy day

The hush of the room constricted the life

As though one was captured in a frame

Unbeknownst to the sleeping girl

Captured in her own self-inflicted prison

Her lace trimmed childhood

Sliced open like a flesh wound

A stone’s throw from her pale head

The whole room tremored

The filigree curves of wrought iron

The floor a powdered woman’s face

In sawdust like snow fall

From the lilac stained roof.

Then the whole picture fractured

Shards of glass littered the sawdusted carpet

But still, the girl slept on

Blissfully ignorant, to the crater in her roof

Blissfully ignorant, to the sunlight beating on her face

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