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'My moon, my sun' - Ri Theodore (Year 12)

My moon, my sun;

a blossom . you began so rare and so wild. a

posy pink ; i repulsed at your beauty

but you grew, as did i.

we became daffodils . bright and young ; we didn’t care .

unforgivingly reckless ; majestic . we were so impossible .

i don’t know how we were

ever that ; youthful

and then we were water lilies . elegant and

complicated . our roots navigating through muddy

waters ; as we grew away from each other ; a

pond became an ocean

did i lose you?

we reunited in the rose garden . we were stunning .

yet picked and pruned till out petalled hearts

became mere thornes . which stabbed at each

other till blood watered our roots .

but it was okay . we grew again ; scars patched up

and rosy cheeks amiss in love .

we became posies and wildflowers . we were lost

in friendship ; it was wonderful . and look how far

we’ve come . blossoms to blossoming .

and now ; we are sunflowers . open and

unforgiving again . we love and we love each other .

unapologetically bright .

we remind ourselves ; how the moon loved the

sun so much ; that not even an eclipse could keep

them apart .


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