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'BANG' - Maya Neupane (Year 13)

the end won’t be seen with a BANG.

you won’t catch it coming round the corner

it’ll creep up -

a caught-in-the-throat comment

never chosen to be thrown

hard and heavy it’ll sit in your palm

passive -

powerless against

a fist full of crushed words dismembered by paper shredder laced fingers

held together too tightly to remember the true purpose of freedom of speech.

the latter now reduced in price

pak’n’save style

just an unfunny punchline spiked with spite

lain heavy on the tongue to aid talk

that fits falsely from the second to top button to the tenth to top buttonhole.

heavy to the heart.

light to the mind.

conscious to the fact and never to the feeling.

the end won’t sound like a BANG either.

science always told me light travels faster than sound

but this bang spits upon physics

shits upon history as we know it

school subjects trampled underfoot with false teachings.

not all revolutions start with an atomic bomb.

some start silent.

some start quiet.

faint whispers of it are first heard

darting down hallways

slipping through streets

hiding in unstable homes made in

heartbeats too hushed to be read with the fear they hold.

it’ll be all they choose to say.

it’ll be all they choose to stay silent upon.

this BANG brings change.

brings new false idols that never earnt their placing

placed upon broken stolen pedestals

plaques created for people who pulled success from the almost empty pockets of others.

this’ll be the beginning of what we will find ourselves calling the BANG.

but it’s not


  • BANG

BANG implies spontaneity

BANG implies violence

BANG is four sharp letters

four single shots to the system

four hits from a single hitman

but here we are

living with a BANG/ BANG/ BANG/ BANG that

beats hard and heavy

dense and dark

having grown stronger and smarter -

having learnt the art of jump rope played with heartbeats

treading lightly

coiling rope around weak ankles

when they are alone on their standings.

no recognisable footprints does this BANG leave behind.

no longer does it stomp/ no longer does it howl.

since it learnt how to crawl

since it was taught to always carry a box of disguises upon its crooked back

and leave nothing but smokescreens and straw men in its wake.

this BANG

learns -

this BANG

grows -

this BANG

brought us to our knees once before -

this BANG.

we won’t allow it to bring us down again.

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