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'Nadia Boulanger' - Mallory Stevenson (Year 13)


Domain. Tentacle Bach

Moo! moo! farming watchfully

His left cheek flaking off the canvas, so does the sky,

The sun keeps eating the picture.

A student enters for the piano

We cold shovel bones

For play living

Rolling in the head, for fertilise

Awaken, like a motorcar,

A factory revival that does not allow but watches for

The past entering nothing, having stayed

As a heap, that eats itself.

The student brings his new script falls on the piano ta-beu-vi for that

Boulanger unsurprised. Ghost in the window

Its sour face brings expected relief only due to maintenance

“I am angry!” grimace ghost, “my feeling is so serious!”

“Why won’t they wife me!” - closes the door

The ghost’s golden trash, God-yelling trash

We are for God here carry on,


Pillars in the wise marble know how to find peace by

Flamethrowers, swords

Quiet on the table know when we’re called by

Flamethrowers, sword

Here is tentacle building red house


Boulanger goes to attic tentacle

For a funeral mask

A stinking large dirt face breathes commanding

Some tentacle revives

New king, and Boulanger’s writing

“I went on rounds inspect vassals

You loaned soil bed

I toiled forges to sharpen metal

You yawned soil bed

I wrote and forgot a chronicle

You owned chronicle page

I edited forgot chronicle

You ate chronicle page”

In the sink the page is full of suds

Like pulled apart rope

1 2 2 1 - 4 3 3 4

Sound paired sound paired sound paired sound paired

Garden fruit soil bed

The oven is still on

What did you say?

Grey stone the steps are toothy

Trapping obscurity from flowing sun in the door

The bread is still burning for.


(She gets the match the piano burn

August face is eaten

This flame laughs this flame

Hasn’t heard about money

Money is a type of

The stern bewigged and august

This cackle is going to eat the planet fully,


Pyre and sees the gods?

It’s a false start! (say

Stop it! say

That’s enough!


Please leave my house!

Come in if you are friends.

August you don’t want me peaceful

I’ve held you

I will not thank you for the jewels

I’m going to wash their marks off my skin

Give it a few years

I’m going to give them to my friends

So now be off!))

In another life

No she has guests

Is not to fight them

Not this time and in the length of times?

Not her.

Nadia Boulanger takes her red pen

The paper anticipates generations

Loose part,

Guest thanks her kindly.

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